In Vino Veritas! San Marino brings excitement to the table

In a land that has lovingly preserved its history and traditions over the years, it is not surprising that memories of the countryside and culinary specialities go hand in hand with the current focus on local foods and wines. San Marino serves up excitement at the table, satisfying the demands of an increasingly knowledgeable and demanding clientele. 

San Marino is peppered with vineyards (there are more than 550!), grain fields and rich agricultural soil, offering a whole world of flavours and aromas, products and delicacies grown in our fertile land.

San Marino’s proximity to nearby Romagna and Marche is reflected in ageless dishes that combine sweet and savoury flavours.

The Republic shares ingredients and recipes with the cuisine of Montefeltro and Romagna: from cappelletti stuffed with meat to strozzapreti and pappardelle pasta prepared with water and flour and seasoned with sausage ragout, peas, bladder campion (wild herb), beans and game; from coniglio in porchetta (roasted rabbit) with wild fennel, to thin piadina just like the ones made in Rimini, to polenta served with ragù or mushrooms.

Bakery specialities include the traditional Easter Pagnotta prepared with raisins and aniseed. There’s also Bustrengo, a typical cake with barbarian origins prepared in the traditional way with almonds, figs, walnuts, honey, lemon zest, oranges, raisins, milk, eggs, butter and wine; the San Marino version uses corn flour and breadcrumbs instead of rice.

Torta Titano and Tre Monti are iconic cakes symbolic of the Republic that have been granted the Marchio di Origine e Tipicità (origin and typicality mark) of artisanal products of the Republic of San Marino. They represent a delicious option for anyone wanting to experience a new kind of chocolate heaven.

And for wine lovers? The first evidence of vine cultivation in San Marino dates from between 400 and 700 CE. The area’s main varietal is Sangiovese, followed by Aleatico and the world-renowned Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Today, 13 labels have received the Marchio di Stato a Identificazione di Origine, equal to the DOC designation, beginning with Moscato di San Marino, a white wine containing at least 85% of muscat grapes. 

Another precious ancient fruit of these lands is lovingly produced in San Marino: extra-virgin oil, offering immense nutritional value, and fittingly considered green gold. Not only does it have a one-of-a-kind flavour and fragrance, but it is unique for its combination of gustatory and olfactory sensations harmonising with distinct herbaceous perceptions and aromas of bitter almond and artichoke

This is just a small taste of San Marino’s delectable cuisine. We’re sure your mouth is already watering! Now it’s time to come visit us in person and give your taste buds a real treat!