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Featuring a broad range of national and international retailers, San Marino Outlet Experience offers an exclusive all-around shopping, entertainment and élite services for an unforgettable shopping experience.

The perfect destination for tourists looking for a touch of history, San Marino Outlet Experience offers a luxury shopping experience with the flavors of sun and sea.
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San Marino Outlet Experience offers a Luxury Shopping Experience, in a region known for its many tourist attractions, with benefits for national and international tour operators.
Prestigious meetings demand an impressive venue and impactful experiences. The perfect choice? San Marino Outlet Experience, where we don’t organize your meeting, we design it.
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Rewarding your talent is more than just about improving their financial gain, it’s also about enhancing their wellbeing and lifestyle.

Discover the enchanting charm of San Marino

The world’s oldest Republic

The Republic was founded long ago and boasts 1,700 years of independence and freedom. San Marino is situated on the slopes of the Titano Mount, in the heart of Italy. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to the peculiarity of its historic center and its monuments.

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The city center is vibrant with hundreds of charming gift shops and excellent restaurants, all scattered between antique monuments and the iconic medieval towers. San Marino is world know as one of the best-preserved ancient cities of Italy.

San Marino Outlet Experience epitomizes the elegance, tradition and culture of San Marino.

San Marino Outlet Experience is a glamourous and luxury shopping experience that has been planned down to the last detail. From the Food Terrace, to the VIP Lounge, to our information concierges, San Marino Outlet Experience is a one of a kind shopping experience for the 21st century.

Discover the history, elegance and breathtaking panoramas of San Marino, located in the heart of the Adriatic Riviera.


San Marino Outlet Experience offers a luxury and personal shopping experience where you can find all of the top designer brands.

Highly qualified and professional teams are on the ground, ready to curate your custom experience.

Team - The Market San Marino Outlet Experience

San Marino has a broad portfolio of innovative, attractive, and positive experiences that companies will be able to offer employees.

Shopping - The Market San Marino Outlet Experience

San Marino is an alternative and exclusive location, colored with elegance and refinement. This is the perfect destination for vacation, but also for events, meetings, or corporate retreats.

San Marino Territory - The Market San Marino Outlet Experience

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The claim that accompanied the Arabian Travel Market was “a new dawn for Travel and Tourism”: it was exciting to see people in-person, to meet buyers face to face and exchange smiles through joyful eyes. We really needed to be physically present to fulfill professionals’ expectations, priorities, and sentiments! 

23 June 2021
San Marino Outlet Experience at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai!

The 24th of June marks the day of the grand opening of the new San Marino Outlet Experience. The 17,000 sqm architectural project, property of The Market PropCo and promoted by Borletti Group, Aedes SIIQ, DEA Real Estate Advisor and VLG Capital, will host more than 70 luxury and premium brand shops.

05 May 2021
The San Marino Outlet Experience cuts the ribbon on 24 June 2021!

The appeal of two wheels is attracting numerous tourists and, if you wish to explore the back country of Romagna , riding a bicycle is definitely the best way to do it! Along one of the many itineraries that winds through land and sea, you will first enjoy a frothy dip in the blue Adriatic waters, to then pedal your way to an unforgettable journey amid rolling hills. A perfect combination that refreshes body, spirit and mind. 

07 April 2021
Experience Rimini by Bike!

In a land that has lovingly preserved its history and traditions over the years, it is not surprising that memories of the countryside and culinary specialities go hand in hand with the current focus on local foods and wines. San Marino serves up excitement at the table, satisfying the demands of an increasingly knowledgeable and demanding clientele. 

28 January 2021
In Vino Veritas! San Marino brings excitement to the table

A short drive from San Marino and from the famous Riviera, the Romagna hinterland offers a landscape with an abundance of fascinating fortresses. Years of history and architectural beauty await beneath the vast, open sky. Tiny, ancient medieval villages are home to mystery and charm preserved for millennia. 

14 January 2021
A wealth of history, legends and charm in the medieval villages of Romagna

February 5: Liberation Day and Feast of Saint Agatha 

Of all the public holidays in the world’s oldest  Republic, the Feast of Saint Agatha is the most popular, and has been celebrated for over two-and-a-half centuries.

07 January 2021
Public Holidays in San Marino

An excursion on foot among the paths of Mount Titano, an icon of the territory recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is a truly spectacular experience suitable for both adults and children: many paths join trails offering breath-taking, suggestive views, to discover the history and millenary culture of San Marino as well as waterfalls, caves and ancient mills.

23 December 2020
Green tourism lovers? Hurry to San Marino

The sky of Riccione shines brightly at Christmas: 400,000 lights illuminate to create a starry show! An enchanted atmosphere to warm hearts and souls: a show with artificial snow to whiten the shopping promenade of Viale Ceccarini every day, from 5 pm to 8 pm.

22 December 2020
Riccione Christmas Star!

A whole holiday wouldn’t be enough to describe Rimini and its infinite peculiarities: 15 kilometres of golden beaches for the enjoyment for young and adults; an archaeological treasure that traces the town’s Roman and Renaissance past; an old town synonymous with beauty, art and history; over a thousand hotels devoted to offering an unforgettable welcome and the impeccable hospitality of Romagna; some of the finest traditional cuisine in Italy, ranging from the known fish dishes of the Adriatic coast to delicious piadine; an old fish market, the Pescheria Vecchia, with lots of great venues, wine cellars and cosy restaurants; an old village, San Giuliano, home of legendary film director Federico Fellini; a spa centre overlooking the sea; an endless network of cycle paths that run along the sea and through gently rolling hills; trendy and fashionable nightclubs that host international events … So what is there to do in Rimini? 

01 December 2020
Rimini…one destination, a thousand colors!

That San Marino is an enchanting place any time of year is beyond doubt… but it is during the Christmas holidays that it turns into a fairy-tale place: an open-air fairy tale created for adults and children, to surprise, excite and amaze. 

27 November 2020
San Marino, Christmas of Wonders…“A fairy-tale place”