Let’s discover the enchanting charm of San Marino together!

We want the world to know how fascinating the Republic of San Marino is. We want to share the centuries of history and traditions boasted by the Republic with you, as it is the oldest Republic in the world, located in the heart of Italy. 

The Republic was founded long ago and boasts 1,700 years of independence and freedom. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to the peculiarity of its historic centre and its monuments: powerful medieval stone walls, three towers that have become the symbol of San Marino itself, magnificent, expertly restored historical buildings, numerous museums and even the rich National State Gallery!

The celebrations held in San Marino that recall the institutional life of the ancient Republic are quite picturesque: from the establishment of the Regent Captains, which is held every year on 1 April and 1 October, to the Anniversary of the Liberation of the Republic and the Co-Patroness Saint Agatha on 5 February, to the Feast of San Marino to celebrate the Foundation of the Republic every 3 September. These are all very heartfelt ceremonies full of charm, traditions and authentic meanings. 

The historic centre of San Marino can be reached in just 15 minutes from Rimini, Italy, along a beautiful panoramic road that goes all the way to the upper part of Monte Titano, 750 metres above sea level. This is where the heart of the Republic is located, a well-guarded jewel. A dream-like setting with hundreds of shops and restaurants where you can shop and enjoy local food and wine delicacies. 

The love and attention to the products of the local land have made San Marino’s gastronomy a simple art, full however of traditions that have then been renewed over time. Unmistakable flavours and genuine, sober cuisine combine typicality with quality and keep the immense rural heritage of the area alive while satisfying the most demanding palates.

Just a few kilometres from the sea, nestled between mountains and green hills and surrounded by suggestive views, San Marino is one of the most beautiful villages to visit to relive the atmospheres of yesteryear that seem far from lost here! 

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