Rimini…one destination, a thousand colors!

A whole holiday wouldn’t be enough to describe Rimini and its infinite peculiarities: 15 kilometres of golden beaches for the enjoyment for young and adults; an archaeological treasure that traces the town’s Roman and Renaissance past; an old town synonymous with beauty, art and history; over a thousand hotels devoted to offering an unforgettable welcome and the impeccable hospitality of Romagna; some of the finest traditional cuisine in Italy, ranging from the known fish dishes of the Adriatic coast to delicious piadine; an old fish market, the Pescheria Vecchia, with lots of great venues, wine cellars and cosy restaurants; an old village, San Giuliano, home of legendary film director Federico Fellini; a spa centre overlooking the sea; an endless network of cycle paths that run along the sea and through gently rolling hills; trendy and fashionable nightclubs that host international events … So what is there to do in Rimini? 

Whether you are a sports fanatic or a beginner, every bathing establishment organises countless fitness and wellness activities during the summer: a succession of skilfully organised open-air proposals. And don’t forget that the Rimini Exhibition Centre hosts the “Rimini Wellness”, the biggest and most famous national fair dedicated to fitness, wellness and sport!

And if you want to discover all the mysteries of Romagna’s culinary tradition, you simply must enrol for a cooking lesson in the company of a wonderful “azdora“, once the “head of the family”, and now the keeper of the secrets of traditional recipes, in a town where good food is an essential part of life. 

Does the idea of relaxing by the sea attract you? Have a word with the lifeguards that watch the beaches of Romagna, you’ll never forget their welcome! The coastline has over 250 bathing establishments, known here as “bagni“, and there is something for everyone: from the wellness beach to the “chiringuito” with DJ set, from beaches dedicated to children to those that are pet friendly. 

If, on the other hand, your preference is history, explore the Roman Ariminum, which boasts some of the town’s most important monuments: the Arch of Augustus, the Montanara Gate, the Amphitheatre, the Surgeon’s House and the famous Tiberius Bridge. 

Your holiday is over, but you still have so much more to discover? Rimini is the perfect out of season destination too, offering a succession of events, festivals and exhibitions to liven up the autumn and winter months! Just come back!

In the meantime, enjoy a preview of your next holiday.

“Credit: for Video and photos of Rimini we thank @VisitRiminiDMC”.